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Bootslim is a modern responsive theme created for blogs, content creators or other presentation website. It is based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 and was created to support native RapidWeaver as well as Twitter Bootstrap 3 components. It easily integrates with your current RapidWeaver website and also if you have a bit of HTML knowledge you can utilize extra components within your website by adding HTML code pages.

Bootslim takes good care of typography and layout, works great for bloggers, events or other content creators. The footer icons allow your visitors to quickly share your pages on the main social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus).

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Menu Alignment (Left or Right)
Floating Menu Color (Black or White)
Header (With or Without subtitle | Narrow or Wide)
5 Subtle Color Themes (Green, Red and Blue)
6 Background Images (Street, City, Field, Grid, Straw, Sky or plain background)
Blog section improvements (categories and labels, breadcrumb)
This theme supports only one-level menu

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